INNOCONF 2023 is proud to bring 7 panels, comprised of world-class speakers, to you!

Enjoy panels on the changed investment landscape; clean tech; cognition technologies; dual-use technologies; industrial deep technologies; and space innovation.

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

  • Atoms and Bits: The Industrial Automation Landscape

    • Swati Chaturvedi


    • Peter Lee

      Embark Ventures

    • Yoav Zingher

    • Joe Wilson

      Undeterred Capital

    • Curtis Rodgers

      Brick and Mortar Ventures

  • Rags to Riches to Rags: Deep Tech Startups in the Changes Investment Landscape

    • Andy Chen

      REDDS Capital

    • David Lane

      1Flourish Capital

    • Chris Moran

      Lockheed Martin Ventures

    • Lorana Quintero

      Golden Seeds

  • Vision or Hallucination? Launching Ambitious Deep Tech Startups

    • Daniel Brunner

      Commonwealth Fusion Systems

    • Edlyn Levine

      America's Frontier Fund

    • Hemai Parthasarathy

      Google X

    • Marc Schlichtner

      Siemens Healthineers

    • Andy Wilson

      Alliance for SoCal Innovation

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

  • Walking the Walk: Diversifying Deep Tech Innovation

    • Lorana Quintero

      Golden Seeds

    • Julie Pantiskas

      Pasadena Angels

    • Mariah Lichtenstern

      DiverseCity Ventures

  • The Final Frontier: Commercial and Civil Uses of Space Resources

    • Tony Freeman

      JPL NASA

    • Howard Ko

      Morpheus Ventures

    • Chris Moran

      Lockheed Martin Ventures

    • Michael Lohnert

      AEI HorizonX

    • Andrea Belz

      USC Viterbi School of Engineering

  • Pick Your Battles: The Role of Intellectual Property in Deep Tech

    • Jennifer Shockro

      California Institute of Technology

    • Stephen Koziol


    • Falgun Patel

      Aerospace Corporation

    • Lydia McClure

      Research Bridge Partners

  • Generating Financial and Social Returns: Clean Tech

    • Taj Ahmad Eldridge

      Include Ventures

    • Alex Andrianopoulos

      Kairos Ventures

    • Ken Hayes

      Cleantech Open

    • Mariah Lichtenstern

      DiverseCity Ventures

    • Neal Okarter

      BASF Venture Capital